Zumex Mobile

Zumex Mobile

Product Description:

Consumers appreciate the benefits of freshly squeezed juice. Anytime, anywhere.

An eye-catching and practical mobile point of sale to easily transport to the event of your choice. Ideal for theme parks, shopping malls, sport events, concerts, festivals, stadiums, schools…

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Product Highlights:

  • Strong, durable and sleek design
  • Attractive and functional
  • Easy transportation
  • Opening through hydraulic system with safety mechanism
  • Electric control board and interior lighting
  • Built-in sink with flexible hose and spray nozzle
  • It can be connected to water and sewage systems, or completely self-contained with refillable reservoir
  • Built-in Isothermal cooler for maintaing fruit, ice and beverages

Technical Characteristics:

Material: made of polyester with reinforced fiberglass
Counter: 41 cm
Dimensions: 86.6″ x 90.5″ (220 cm x 230 cm) closed; 86.6″ x 118.8″ (220 cm x 284 cm) open
Weight without machine: 826.5 lb. (375 kg)
Weight with machine: 970 lb. (449 kg)
Water tank capacity: 6.5 gal (25 L)
Wastewater tank capacity: 22.5 gal (85 L)
Total maximum electrical capacity: 3.3 Kw
Consumption: 4 Amps (mobile & juicer)
Waste basket: 66 lb. (30 kg)
Compatible juicers: Essential Pro, Versatile Pro, Speed, Speed Digital and Speed Self-Service

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