Zumex Speed

Zumex Speed

General Characteristics:

  • Classic and tough
  • High capacity hopper (33 lb, 100 oranges, 1 carton)
  • Automatic feeding: Faster service
  • VERY FAST: 0.6 gallon/min
  • Available in Standard and Digital version
    • The digital version allows to program the oranges to be squeezed and is equipped with an orange counter
  • Starts pressing ON. Stops pressing OFF.
  • Recommended for:
    • Sales of more than 50 cups per day
    • Juice bars, airports, cafeterias with huge outputs, etc.

Technical Characteristics:

Fruits per minute: 32 oranges/min
Feeder Capacity: 33 lb/15 kg
Maximum Fruit Size: Up to 801 mm
Measurements: 38″x23″x24″ / 99x64x62 cm
Net Weight: 132 lb / 60 kg
Consumption: 0.3 kW
Voltage: 230-240V 50-60Hz / 115V 60Hz
Antihumidity Protection: IPX4
Security: Double magnetic safety detector and electronic motor protection

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